Can Your Brand Tell An Employer Brand Story Like This?

employer brand story

We’re willing to bet that more C-suite bottoms sit on Herman Miller chairs than any other brand chair.

We’ll also go as far as to bet that a majority of those well-seated C-suiters would have a hard time telling an employer brand story as compelling and meaningful as Herman Miller’s.

As they say in their videos, Herman Miller is more a company you work with, than one you work for.

You may say, we just don’t have such a great story to tell.

And we would say, “You don’t? Really?”

We think you probably do more good than you’re aware of, because until now you haven’t really had to give much thought to your employer brand.

But now other brands – particularly your competitors – are starting to not only think about the meaning of their workplace, they are busy making it the focus of what their company is all about.

As result, your competitors are both keeping their current employees (so you can’t easily snatch them), and they’re attracting the available pool of top talent in your industry (so you have to settle for second best).

All this positive action prompts their employees to work with greater vigor, collaboration and gratification.

As such, they are seeing their businesses improve, simply because they have established a new “give and take” between their brands and the people vital to their success.

They have found the meaningful truths of their employer brand in what they do as a business and a community of living, breathing and caring people.

They have brought these truths to the forefront and adapted their way of being to reflect and reinforce these truths in a new employer brand strategy.

They have gone further as well, building a new employer brand promise, new initiatives, alliances and policies that magnify these truths both within and outside the workplace.

This is just the kind of employer brand story your brand needs to start telling, start living, and embodying each and every day.

It’s the kind of brand story we uncover for our clients through our brand strategy methodolgoy called emotive branding.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco branding agency helping brands develop corporate brand strategy and employer brand strategy.

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