Our path to brand transformation.

Emotive Branding is our way to help your brand thrive.

We’re business people just like you, so we start every engagement by working with your leadership team to deeply understand your business.

It all starts with the shifts your business is trying to make, your growth strategy, and the aspirations for your brand.  We can address these through brand strategy, positioning, category development, visual identity, employer branding, and brand experience development.



Fast Forward

Are you a high-growth company in need of a quick win?

Fast Forward is a four-week process, with the first week taking place on-site, that focuses on the challenges your brand, team, and business face, prioritizes them, and creates the strategies, communications, and tools to address them. It’s a flexible process, customized to your situation, that gives you a cohesive strategy primed to create durable value and returns.

Path to Purpose

Are you in need of formally articulating your corporate purpose?

Path to Purpose is a collaborative executive workshop series that identifies, articulates, and aligns your leadership group around the purpose of the company. Our work will deliver a corporate purpose statement and identify the shifts your business should consider making in order to live the purpose more authentically. Contact Larson Seeley to learn more.

Brand Strategy

Building your business? Repositioning to stay competitive? Need a more meaningful brand?

Our brand strategy methodology maps your business strategy to a newly articulated purpose-led brand strategy that transforms how your brand connects to people. We focus each deliverable on why your brand matters and why it’s different to ensure a meaningful, lasting bond between your brand, employees, and customers. For more information on our brand strategy methodology, click here or email Larson Seeley.


Are you positioned as the first and best choice in your market?

Our approach to positioning and messaging is designed to maximize the relevance of how and why your company matters to the people important to sustaining its growth and profitability. Each deliverable differentiates your skills, capabilities, and values and aligns your brand to what truly resonates with customers and prospects. Contact Larson Seely to learn more.

Employer Brand

Does your brand engage employees and recruit top talent to keep your business competitive?

The best way to differentiate your brand as a workplace that matters is by investing in a meaningful employer brand strategy. Leading with purpose sets the stage for an employee value proposition that resonates with existing employees and potential recruits. Our approach is about injecting emotion, meaning, and humanity into your brand so that it’s easier for all people to understand why your brand matters and what working for your brand will feel like. Contact Larson Seeley to learn more.

Creative Services

How will your brand come to life visually?

Visual Identity, Logo Design, Brand Book, Brand Experiences, Brand Videos, Branded Spaces, Website Design, Interactive. Contact Larson Seeley to learn more.