Brand Evolution: Keeping Greatness, Adding Appeal

brand evolution

What is brand evolution? I think I found a solid example. I recently came across these photos showing two models of the classic Porsche 911.

50 years separate the two models, yet the clarity of the design concept are obvious in both generations.

It is a brand “evolved”.

Emotive Brand is about taking what is good and great about your business and brand today, and evolving it for a new generation, a new audience, or for the addition of a new product.

It is about transforming the presence and feeling of your brand to make it more relevant and appealing, given how the rest of the world has changed.

Just as Porsche has integrated new technology over the years, a meaningful brand integrates new insights about what matters for people in the 21st Century.

Meaningful Brands

Meaningful brands add a new, higher-level purpose to what they do – something that goes beyond simply going from A to B.

They also find ways to evoke positive emotions throughout the brand experience they create.

They still imagine, design, build, market and service their products, but with a new intent.

They still manage processes, have meetings and make sales calls, but with a new attitude.

They still do the business of business, but with a new, and more meaningful behavior.

They still create and design product, but with a renewed empathetic view of what people want, need, and desire.

Emotive branding doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

It evolves what is great about your business and brand, and transforms it to be more relevant, meaningful, appealing and differentiated for the future.

If you are interested in a recent brand evolution project, please visit our work.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco brand strategy firm.

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  1. You had me at 911…

    • We have that affect Mark

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