Why Purpose-Led Brands Drive Business Results


At Emotive Brand, we believe that the root of many business problems is the gap between what the business requires (results) and what people desire (meaning). So when your brand matters to people, they are more likely to do what your brand needs them to do. Operating as a purpose-led brand, business issues become less of an issue because meaning drives results.

Emotive Branding: A Bridge

Through emotive branding, you build a bridge across that gap between results and meaning. And by better balancing the “give and take” of your relationships with people, they are more likely to be open to what you propose, support what you’re trying to achieve, and appreciate the meaning behind what you’re asking them to do.

Here’s why your most pressing business issues today will be less of an issue tomorrow:

1. Brand Differentiation

Emotional meaning is the most compelling differentiator in today’s competitive environment. Yet few brands have woken up to the power of emotionally meaningful connections with people. They continue doing “business as usual” without seeing that beliefs, values, and aspirations of people have evolved. Today, people are looking for ways to create meaning in their lives. People seek out brands that stand up from the crowd and make them feel their lives are more meaningful. They respect, admire, trust, and turn to purpose-led brands.

2. Purchasing Behavior

People love to have choices. They are proactive buyers. They can quickly and easily assess and compare options. They can instantly find the best price. Look-alike products crowd the shelves and catalogs. Google lists thousands of options. TV and web ads vie for attention. But, at the moment of purchase decision, emotion takes over. If people feel there’s something unique and valuable about your brand, that feeling will influence their choices.

3. Price Sensitivity

A strong emotional platform shifts the “what” a person buys away from the purely logical land of comparison shopping and into a place where what one buys is “greater than the sum of the parts”. People seem quite willing to pay a premium if the purchase also comes loaded with emotional meaning.

4. Loyalty and Advocacy

Brands need people who buy again and again; it’s basic economics. Purpose-led brands inspire people to go out of their way in pursuit of their brand. They also turn people into powerful brand promoters who share their enthusiasm and satisfaction with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers on the web. Personal, heartfelt, and meaningful endorsement is far more credible and influential than traditional brand-driven forms of promotion.

5. Internal Alignment and Motivation

Brands are at the mercy of their staff. The most magnificent branding, advertising, publicity, packaging, distribution, reviews, and commentary can be vaporized by a single surly employee. The energy, focus, and dedication of valuable employees can be shattered by an emotionally dead and meaningless workplace. When unified by a clear reason why they are there and how they can make people feel (themselves, colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, and the communities they serve) employees lift themselves up to the task with purposeful vigor. They move from being reactive to proactive. They collaborate more freely and productively. They shape and manage the way they deal with people so that every exchange is more emotionally meaningful. They find their work gratifying.

6. Social Standing

Regardless of what you make, how you sell it, or who you sell to, your brand has a footprint. Whether it’s a physical building in a community or something virtual, there is an economic, social, and environmental impact from what you do. How that impact is perceived will be clearly different for a person who is emotionally distant from your brand, and someone who finds your brand to be emotionally meaningful. Purpose-led brands never buy an excuse to do wrong things, but they do accrue significant understanding, patience, and compassion should things go wrong.

Purpose-Led Brands Thrive Today

Brands that focus on building a deeper, more emotionally meaningful connection with their key audiences will thrive in today’s world.

Purpose-led brands are better able to address the needs, values, interests, and aspirations of the people who matter to their business. These brands perform better because their emotional impact is reflected at every touchpoint.

Making your brand matter more to people can transform your business and position it for success. Brands rooted in emotion and meaning win big. The business results show it. So behave as a purpose-led brand and reap the benefits.

Emotive Brand is an Oakland brand strategy and design agency.

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