The Benefits of Purpose-Led Company Cultures

Purpose-led Company Cultures

What happens when all the people in your organization feel better about the work they do?

When they know they’re helping others achieve greater well-being?

When they have a shared belief and feel a kindred spirit with their co-workers? For your business, the benefits are multifold.

There’s more alignment, engagement, and motivation in play. Collaboration and innovation become more natural and prevalent. So everything runs more smoothly. New ideas are popping up all the time. Blank, confused, and dispirited faces are replaced by purpose-driven looks of determination and smiles of gratification. Your business thrives.

If these returns aren’t enough…

Consider the extended benefits of the general well-being that flows from a purpose-led company culture. Happier, more content, and gratified employees take less stress out of the office. This means their commute is more relaxed and fewer accidents are likely to occur. This means they are kinder to strangers and less negative energy is created. This means they are more alive for their love ones and friends, and those vital relationships thrive rather then being tainted by those feeling unhappy and unfulfilled by their jobs. This means these employees live more balanced, and healthier lives. This means that they can work productively, bring money into their own lives, and, through their efforts, increase overall prosperity.

When you consider all your employees, all their loved ones and friends, and all the strangers they encounter every day, the positive outcome of your company culture multiplies radically. Perhaps the idea of an employee being nicer to someone on their drive home may feel distant and unrelated to your business. But really, it’s not. Consider this: have you ever come close to having an accident because you were driving aggressively following a stressful day at the office?

What drives these positive business and social outcomes?

For many companies, it is a brand strategy that is built upon, and promotes, the concepts of empathy, purpose, and emotion. The purpose economy is gaining ground. Why do you need a brand strategy? Because it is a powerful and pervasive channel into hearts and minds of people, both outside and within the company. When thoughtfully crafted, a brand strategy works as hard at reshaping the company culture as it does creating appeal and differentiation among outside audiences.

A purpose-led company culture driven by an empathetic brand strategy, better understands what will improve the well-being of both customers and employees.

Brand messages and actions can create ways to promote the skills of empathetic understanding and decision-making.

A company culture driven by a purposeful brand strategy will help employees clearly see what they can do to help make the company’s meaningful ambition come true.

A company culture driven by an emotionally-sensitive brand strategy, will lead to policies and procedures that make the workplace itself a more sensitive, thoughtful, and gratifying environment.

Is your business and its culture benefiting from a purpose-led brand strategy?

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