Is Your Brand Holding Back Your Business?


There’s a price to pay when your brand simply languishes.

It’s the cost of lost opportunities.

Are you missing the opportunity to change the way people feel about your brand, and hence, what they can do to make your brand more successful.

By people, we mean customers, employees, partners, investors, communities, influencers, and so on…. Indeed, we mean all the people who are vital to your brand’s succcess.

It’s their decisions and actions that determine your fate.

They think and act based on what they feel.

If your brand doesn’t make them feel something, and your competitors’ does, you lose.

Are you missing the opportunity to clearly and compellingly differentiate your products and services in the marketplace.

And that marketplace is getting super competitive, with new ideas coming all the time, often from unexpected and disruptive forces.

If your brand doesn’t matter to people, and someone else dangles a new idea in front of them, you lose.

Finally, are you missing the opportunity to make your business fit for the future.

As change accelerates, and especially as people change their values, needs, interests, and aspirations, impotent brands will only drift further off into the realm meaninglessness and irrelevance.

If you let this continue, and do nothing to nurture the latent power of your brand, you lose.

But by stepping back today and assessing what makes your brand good, meaningful, worthy, and respectable, your brand takes the first step toward toward mattering to people.

And when your brand matters to people, when it strikes an emotional chord with them, and when it resonates with true meaning, people will stick by you now and in the future.

Don’t leave your brand misunderstood and unappreciated.

Ensure your brand supports your business. Be clear about how your brand wants to make people feel. Don’t be afraid to differentiate your brand. And, make sure above all else, your brand matters to people.

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