Secrets to a Great Employee Brand Story to Recruit Top Talent

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Your Employee Brand Is Your Talent Scout

There’s a reason that great employees are so often referred to as “talent.” Workers are a dime a dozen, but true expertise is incredibly hard to come by. It’s the thing that propels businesses to their next level of funding, keeps the sales pipeline full, and boosts office morale high in times of unease.

No matter how advanced your technology is, people are the backbone of a successful business. Great brands tell stories, and there are few narratives more important than your employee brand story. HR specialists and recruiters have been leading this space for years, but in today’s competitive landscape, companies can’t afford to let someone else tell their story for them.

Who Do You Trust?

When you’re trying to recruit excellent people to your brand, where should you point the spotlight?

Well, according to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder. 41% of us believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business.”

Simply, if you want to demonstrate the advantages of working at your company, let your actual employees do the talking. By turning your current employees into brand ambassadors, not only will the message be more authentic, but it will directly impact retention.

In the daily shuffle, employees are rarely encouraged to think deeply about what they do and why it is important. This simple exercise can bring in new talent while reaffirming those who have already joined.

Money Isn’t Everything (Really)

If your employee brand story is a paycheck, free snacks, and a standing desk, you’re probably not thinking big enough. As outlined in Dilys Robinson and Sue Hayday’s influential report “Employee Engagement,” employees are motivated by intrinsic factors like personal growth, working for a common purpose, and being part of a larger mission, as opposed to solely extrinsic factors such as pay and benefits.

What’s the why? of your company? Is it compelling? Is it something your current employees can easily articulate in a meeting or at a cocktail party? The more concise and impactful you make your brand narrative, the more incentivized your employees will be to enlist other top performers.

Employee Brand Storytelling 101

There’s no such thing as the one-size-fits-all employee brand story. Delivering it in a medium that feels true and authentic to your brand is key. But here are some ideas for getting the word out.

  1. Social media: Facebook and Instagram can be fantastic windows for showing a glimpse into the employee side of your brand. Strike the right mix of delight and professionalism to show that your brand is fun, connected, and promotes self-discovery through personal branding.
  2. Live events: Especially in today’s digital marketplace, the power of an in-person event is stronger than ever. From career fairs and conferences to more casual drinks and networking, there’s no quicker way to determine if someone will be a good culture fit than meeting them face to face.
  3. Employee reviews: Employees tend to only leave reviews on sites like GlassDoor and Indeed after they have left. Encourage your current employees to leave reviews while they are still with you. Positive reviews will boost your brand awareness and desirability, and any negative comments will help you address internal friction.
  4. Refresh your job listings: For many employees, a job listing is the first piece of your brand that they see. Plus, they are seeing it in a sea of 100 other applications. Are you making the right first impression? Highlight differentiators like culture, growth, and a compelling mission. You’ll attract people who are passionate about finding the right fit.

Turn Job Shoppers into Job Seekers

Top performers are 46% more likely to be attracted by a better company reputation and 29% more likely to be attracted by more interesting, challenging work. If you want to obtain – and retain – top talent, create an employee brand story that’s compelling, impactful, and irresistibly shareable.

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