The CEO Challenge – Turning Corporate Vision Into Reality

corporate vision

The corporate vision statement

We’ve written before about the gaps between what business leaders believe and what their employees think when it comes to the company’s corporate vision and values.

Today we’d like to explore another gap. This is the gap between what the CEO sees as the company’s vision, and what employees are doing to help achieve that vision – often referred to as the Corporate Vision Statement.

In some cases, the gap exists simply because employees haven’t been informed of the vision.

As such, they are left to their own devices, pulling the company and its brand strategy apart because they don’t know how or why they’re meant to keep it together.

In other cases, the gap exists because the vision was delivered to the employees in a way that left them feeling less than enthusiastic.

Delivered in an alienating “corporate” way and not in a meaningful “human” way.

It therefore did not enchant, inspire or engage the employees.

It simply did not matter to them.

It literally “went in one ear and out the other”.

We help our clients turn their vision into a meaningful reality.

We get corporate visions to matter to employees, and employees align to the vision.

We do this by translating the “corporate vision” into a credible and meaningful “human ambition”.

We make the vision both personally relevant and emotionally important to employees.

They come away not only with a clear idea of what they need to do, but also with a profound sense of why they should help the company achieve its vision.

As result they are motivated to propel the company and its brand to a more meaningful position in the world – a position defined by the CEO’s vision and tempered by an understanding of what it takes to get people to care in today’s world.

Have you been involved in any programs where this has been executed well? If so, we’d love to help the.

If you have a “corporate vision” that has not yet been articulated into a meaningful brand narrative that employee’s can rally around and believe in, let us know. We can help!

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We are launching a new solution entitled “Path to Purpose”. This is a 6-week program that was developed for senior leadership teams to get aligned around the value of a corporate purpose statement, how to articulate it, what it means to your business, and how it can align your entire organization around it meaninfully. If you are interested in learning more please contact Co-Founder, Tracy Lloyd.

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