Business Growth: Steps to Success for the Mid-Market

business growth

Leveraging new data about business growth from the National Center for the Middle Market, Emotive Brand identifies three key factors that make all the difference.

Business growth is always good. But sustained, consistent growth is always better.

Data from the National Center for the Middle Market shows that the best indicator of company’s financial future is not how fast it grows, but how often it grows.

Those that expand incrementally are more apt to survive, thrive, and outperform. Companies that grow consistently are more adept at aligning their organizations’ people and practices around what can seem to be competing priorities:

  1. They execute effectively in the present. Growth companies get today’s business done.
  2. They are more agile. The have processes that help them evolve quickly and shed unproductive practices, ideas, models, and attitudes that have lost their relevance.
  3. They consistently originate more fresh ideas and convert them into new sources of savings, differentiation, and profits. They innovate continuously.

These growing companies display key differences from their stagnant or sporadic growth peers. Unlike firms that stagnate, they do not attribute their fate to external challenges, such as the loss of a major customer, shifts in customer needs, or organizational challenges.

Rather, they focus on delivery factors including innovation, process improvements, and restructuring. They focus on the fulfillment or execution of their purpose-infused vision.

Our white paper captures key findings from interviews, client engagements, and extensive data review in a succinct white paper entitled “Purpose: The Pathway to Sustained Growth.” We invite you to learn about the practical steps you can take to achieve consistent, sustainable growth.

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Emotive Brand brings more than a decade of work developing purpose-led business and brand strategies. Our team works with c-suite leaders at high-growth startups, global enterprise technology companies, consulting and professional services firms, and with mid-market companies.

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