Why Do Startups Have Prehistoric Ideas About Branding?

startup brand strategy

Startup Brand Strategy

One of the ironies of today’s world is that the leaders of the most innovative startups have the least innovative ideas about what it takes to create a brand and the value of investing in startup brand strategy.

The fact is, logos and messages don’t make a brand.

At least, they won’t make a brand that will thrive in the world today.

Studies prove, and we are talking about a lot of research here — People (as in your customers, prospects, employees, partners and investors) are all looking for more from brands when they invest time and money.

They are seeking to create meaning from what they do, that is to say, they want to engage with products and services that resonate with their personal values and beliefs.

They want products and services that help them achieve more, feel better, learn and grow.

They need to know that the products and services they use are working on the side of social or environmental good.

This requires businesses to innovate the way they reach out to people through their branding activities.

To matter to people, it is vital to have a purpose beyond profit, to create a defined emotional aura around your product or service, and to adapt and refine every aspect of your interactions with people so that they see (and feel) that your intent is honorable, your attitude is helpful and your manner is meaningful.

Go beyond design and words.

Think about how your brand can more meaningfully connect with those that matter.

Go the extra mile and do what it takes to matter to people.

And watch your business thrive.

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