What Makes People Want to Work (or Not) for Your Brand?

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Every brand faces two employee challenges:

  1. Recruiting the best people
  2. Engaging their employees

Brands that have no clearly stated brand promise and no hint of a noble ambition lack the magnetic power to attract and engage people.

Brands that register “neutral” (or worse) on the feelings dial lack the energy to motivate, align and inspire people.

So, how do you bring magnetic energy to your brand’s recruitment and employee engagement activities?

Before you start thinking of posters, campaigns, incentives, websites, films, activities and all the other expected tools, consider what prospective and existing employees are looking for in today’s world.

People have moved on… and brands have some catching up to do.

People are now seeking meaning.

Why? Because they’re moving out of the age of conspicuous consumption and coming to realize that slick marketing is just that (and nothing more).

They feel a need to be involved in ideas, causes and movements that are bigger than themselves.

They are thinking less of “me” and more of “we”.

People are starting to scrutinize the ideas presented to them.

They are no longer blindly accepting propaganda, but rather holding up messages and propositions to a new light and asking, “Why is this good?”

How can you answer that seemingly simple question?

  • Articulate and demonstrate how others can share in your purpose, your reason for being, your noble ambition.
  • Leave people feeling emotionally connected to your brand by evoking specific emotions at every opportunity.

Invest in your brand so that it can help attract, retain, and engage employees.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco brand strategy firm.

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