Six Secrets of Thriving Brands

thriving brands

This is the second post in our “Brand Strategy 101” series. Last time, we discussed why a brand is so difficult to define. While a brand might mean different things to different people and different businesses, at Emotive Brand, we think of brand as a driver of business. When a brand connects with the people who matter to your business, the business is positioned to thrive.

But, for a brand to connect with people, some important factors come into play. We have identified six of the most powerful attributes that thriving brands and businesses have in common:  

1. Meaning

Every moment a brand has to interact and engage with people is an opportunity to create an emotional impact. Through these moments, a brand can build deep and lasting meaning. Meaningful brands make promises and keep them. And we believe meaningful brands start with purpose.

2. Purpose-led

Brands that focus on building a deeper, more emotionally meaningful connection with their key audiences thrive in today’s world. When people see that a brand stands for a higher purpose, they pay attention. Purpose-led brands mean more to people because they work for something greater than themselves.

3. Empathy

Empathetic brands have a deep and complex understanding of the people they want to reach, touch, and engage with. Brands that connect in an emotional way – understanding the needs and desires of people – make those people feel like the brand was made just for them.

4. Consistent 

Consistency is what makes brands recognizable and seamlessly integrated into people’s lives. Every detail counts. When a brand is consistent, audiences connect more quickly with it and it becomes differentiated from competitors. Brands that aren’t consistent can’t create the maximum impact. Inconsistency leads to dilution of meaning and as a result, decreased loyalty and engagement. Consistent does not mean static. The most impactful brands are flexible and dynamic, yet still remain consistent, coherent, and powerful.

5. Authentic

When a brand rings true to itself, we believe people can not only tell the difference, they can feel it. And in an increasingly staged and media-saturated world, people are seeking this kind of authenticity in every facet of their lives. So brands that are open and trustworthy attract customers who will stand behind the brand’s purpose. Authentic brands deliver on what they promise. They interact with customers with transparency and integrity – committing to purpose, behaving genuinely, leading with heart, and inviting people in.

6. Emotive 

Brands that are thriving today connect not only rationally, but emotionally – reaching a deeper level in people’s minds and hearts. When brands are emotionally infused, employees work with greater purpose and get more satisfaction from their work. Customers become more loyal, spend more money, and are more likely to recommend the brand to peers. These emotionally charged brands convey meaning and evoke emotions that draw the people who matter to their business closer to them – setting them apart from their competition.

Stay tuned for our next installment in Brand Strategy 101.

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