The Meaningful Workplace – Help Them Create Good

Disillusioned by the age of conspicuous consumption, worried by the state of the planet and its people, rocked by war, corruption and financial crises, and immersed in a swirl of information, news, opinion, and gossip, people are searching for meaning in their lives.

Today they feel a need to align with people, ideas and companies that make them feel they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

People are seeking a sense of purpose, a reason for being and the answer to the questions, “Why is this good?” Today their idea of “good” is shaped by an increased awareness of their own needs, beliefs, interests and aspirations – and a heightened concern for the planet and empathy for its people. 

These factors have made people more discerning than ever. They no longer simply accept slick marketing messages. They scrutinize the products they buy, the companies they buy from and the employers they consider. They reject products, companies and employers that don’t share their values, mutual ambitions or offer the opportunity for a meaningful connection. 

We believe people seek out employers that clearly state – and live out – their meaningful ambition for the greater good. They don’t simply want to “feel good”, they want to feel their jobs are creating good for themselves, for the company and for the world. 

This is part of a series from our White Paper The Meaningful Workplace


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