Strong Brands Give Employees an Idea to Rally Around

give employees something to believe in


How to give employees something to believe in

Take a moment to think about the employees working for your brand right now:

They are in elevators, at desks, in conference rooms,  in home offices,  on the phone.

They are in cars, on planes, in taxis, on a teleconference.

They are closing deals, answering questions, presenting ideas, pitching prospects, processing orders, producing goods, answering phones, inventing products, serving customers, designing packaging, building factories, budgeting projects, balancing the books, convincing investors, meeting community leaders, hiring recruits and wiring networks.

But are they working in a purposeful, fulfilling and satisfying way – or are they “just doing their job”?

Are they inspired and motivated by what they do, the people they work for and the people they work with – or are their attitudes and behaviors coincidental?

Do they collaborate – or work at cross purposes?

Are they restless and innovative – or resting on their laurels and letting the competition pass you by?

Does their behavior build your brand – or render it meaningless?

The best way to make employees feel their work is meaningful and worthwhile is to develop a “reason for being” for your brand that resonates with the needs, beliefs, interests and aspirations of your employees.

At Emotive Brand, we call that a “Brand Promise” which we believe strives to be:

  • A memorable thought focused on the emotional outcome the brand seeks
  • A brand destination that sets a credible and noble ambition
  • A source of inspiration, guide to change, filter for consistency
  • A thought that comfortably enters your employee’s minds throughout the day

A carefully and thoughtfully crafted Brand Promise will help focus and engergize your people.

It will also leave them feeling far more satisfied with what they do, the people they work with and the brand that employs them.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco brand strategy firm.

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