Shaping Brand Experiences to Avoid Alienating People

shaping brand

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne.

Every brand moment matters.

How often have you found yourself filling in a form that simply asked too much?

Where you could not imagine how the information being asked was going to be used?

Or worse, the only thing you could imagine was that the information would be used against you.

No, not by some dreaded department deep inside the government.

But, by something worse: the brand’s marketing department.

OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But hopefully it has provoked you into thinking about how your brand is reaching out to people. How the experience people have with your brand, shapes how they feel about your brand.

What is the ‘social contract’ you have with your customers, prospects and employees?

What’s the acceptable ‘give and take’ between your brand and the people vital to its success?

When you know how you’d like your brand to make people feel, you have a better idea of how to shape each and every transaction.

From web forms, to customer service, to how easy or difficult you make it to contact someone at your company —  your brand’s behavior shapes the experience in ways that leave people feeling something special about your brand.

Something better than the annoyance, fear and confusion that a greedy order form can generate.

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