Rational vs Emotional: With Brands, It’s Not “Either/Or” It’s “Both/And”

Neuroscience is telling us that every “rational” decision is surrounded and influenced by emotions.

As such, brand decisions are neither rational or emotional – they are invariably both.

But how do you work with an insight like this?

How do you bring an emotional dimension to your brand, especially if today it is emotionally neutral?

How do you change the behavior of your brand – and the people behind it – so that every interaction is either striking, or responding to, a relevant emotional chord?

How do you do this in a way that isn’t seen as exploitative, self-serving and mercenary?

How do you recognize the emotional power of what your brand can represent, without wearing these emotions “on your sleeve”?

How do you shift your tried-and-true rational sales arguments so that they make both the necessary points, and evoke the feelings that lie behind them?

The tools you need to balance, massage and optimize the rational and emotional are the end result of the emotive branding process.

This unique approach to brand strategy doesn’t stop with the usual “we stand for X” platform. Rather, emotive branding carries on to include the “how we will all come together to stand for a meaningful X”. It delivers practical tools that show people across your brand how to deconstruct what they currently do, and rebuild it with an emotional intent.

In today’s competitive world, emotion is the secret sauce of many of the world’s most successful brands. It can help your brand become more appealing, differentiated and loved, once you recognize its power.


Image by Dewayne Smith

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