The Look and Feel of Your Office Space Matters

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Your Office Space Reflects Your Brand

The office space of workplace is part of a complex mosaic of opportunities for your brand to reach out and touch people in meaningful ways. Take a moment to reflect on what your office decor signals about your brand. What are these signals are saying and how do they resonate with the people who matter to your business?

An Organized Office Space Shows Dependability

When a visitor walks into your office that is tidy and has a clear system of organization, studies show that the visitor tends to feel more at ease. Because of this, they are more likely to do business with you or join your company. Organization is a direct symbol of dependability. When your business is put together in an orderly fashion,  an inherent sense of trust is built with your guest. If you or your business wants to give an image of reliability, focus on your space. Cleaning up your space can provide an instant upgrade and send the right signals.

An Office With Inviting Decor Shows Your Social Side

As a person enters your office space, they immediately get a sense of how welcome they are in your space. With inviting décor, such as open doors, bright lighting and interactive displays, your brand image comes across as sociable and interested in making new connections. Providing modern office chairs to sit or an open area to talk and do business makes you seem more open and ready to connect with new people. This can bring out your social side and make people feel at home and at ease in your workspace.

Unusual Offices and Work Stations Show Off Your Brands Creativity

People like doing business with leading brands and forward thinkers. If that sounds like your business, your workspace should show off your innovative side, sending a subliminal message of your ability to think outside the box and create unique solutions that have not been seen before. One way to do this is through uncommon office accessories, such as treadmill desks and ergonomic furniture. When these are incorporated in a workspace, you can send a signal of being modern and leading edge. These types of items inspire the thought “Wow, that’s impressive!” and leave your visitor with a positive image in their mind of your brand.

Building a Meaningful Brand

Most importantly, what your brand stands for has to align with how your brand behaves, looks, and feels. This doesn’t just extend to a visual identity of a brand. It can matter even within the office itself. Make sure your brands meaning is clear by building a space that connects with the heart of your brand.

Every touch-point of your brand has to interact with people in a way that reflects your brand’s meaning and purpose. So take this thinking further by applying it to every aspect of your business and brand interacts with people. Make it your brand’s job to identify all the big and small tweaks it can make so that every moment of truth between your brand and people resonates with specific emotional meaning. You want to build a brand that rings true at every point of brand experience.

How does your workplace make people feel? Does each office, at every location evoke the same feelings? Are all of them “on brand”?

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco branding agency.

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