Making Your Brand an Intuitive Choice

intuitive choice

The power of intuition

We can all easily recognize our own powers of intuition.

They are there whenever something immediately makes sense to you – think of children playing with iPads.

You also feel these powers every time your social radar sends alarms – think of all the times you’ve meet someone and immediately had a foreboding feeling.

Some people are more intuitive than others.

Some don’t trust their intuitions (until they back them up with “proof”).

But we all have them, and they play a dominating part in our decision making, including our decisions about brands.

How do you get your brand to be an intuitive choice?

There is no easy answer here. So much depends on the particulars of your brand’s market, products, image, reputation, and the related and specific needs, interests, values, and aspirations of people your brand depends upon.

However, I can say that whether you have a bright new start-up brand to unleash on the world, or if your are managing a venerable and well-known enterprise brand, there are certain elemental practices that can positively shift your brand’s intuitive nature.

A brand’s intuitive nature

First, connect with people on a higher-plane than you are now. What is it about what you do and how you do it that makes life, society, and/or the planet a (even slightly) better place? What can everyone inside and outside your organization connect with that helps them see the meaningful nature of what your organization does.

Second, think about the emotional signals your current business practices, people, and communications are sending. In an ideal world, think of how you’d want people to feel after dealing with your brand.

Third, make the higher-plane connection (your brand promise) the guiding light of your organization; and the emotional aura you seek to create the new people-centric and empathetic values that drive your brand.

Finally, bring this new thinking and energy to your people. Engage them around these ideas. Show them how they can act upon, and benefit from, these ideas. Demonstrate how to use this new platform to revamp business processes and brand communications. Encourage, applaud, and reward efforts by people to change the underlying behavior of your brand so that it better embraces and reflects both its purpose-beyond-profit and its emotional aura.

Creating a smoother, more comfortable way into your brand

People, both inside and outside your business, connect intuitively to meaningful ambitions that they share. Hence, if your brand conveys a distinctly relevant ambition, the path into your world is smoother.

People are intrinsically emotional. Hence, if your brand evokes a distinctly appealing emotional aura, the path into your world is more comfortable.

Being an intuitive choice means shifting the platform from which your brand operates. This is a platform that people find more accessible, easy to board, and creates a great starting point for an enduring and meaningful relationship with your brand.

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