Humanizing Technology: It Isn’t All About Apple

humanizing technology

Humanizing technology is essential, but it doesn’t mean copying everything about Apple.

It seems everyone holds up Apple as the perfect brand. Human centric design. Humanized communications. A human touch at every moment. Great products. Great marketing. Great branding. Great success.

All good reasons to respect, and even envy, the Apple brand.

However, does that mean Apple has a monopoly on the idea of humanizing technology… and the success that comes from doing that?


But a technology brand doesn’t have to copy everything Apple does (and look like a copycat in the process) in order to become more successful.

There are meaningful brand truths about every technology brand that, once identified can be used to translate technology into desire, digits into feelings and giga-whatevers into conviction.

We’re in the business of drawing out those truths, turning them into meaningful ideas that connect on a human level and showing technology brands how to appeal to people in ways that truly matter through an emotive brand strategy.

By showing technology brands how they can matter more to people, we help them align their employees, develop a competitive edge, draw their current customers in closer and appeal more to the most profitable new customers.

Devices. Software. SaaS, Mobile. Apps. Wearables, Platforms. Solutions. Whatever your technology game, play it smarter through emotive branding.

Curious to know more about how to humanize your technology brand? Download our white paper and find out.

  • Understanding why emotive branding is an imperative and an opportunity
  • Recognizing the key drivers of emotive branding
  • Learning the tools for building an emotive brand platform

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