Fresh Perspectives: Refresh & Energize in 2017


2017, A Different Year

Each new year marks a new opportunity for reflection, change, and asserting goals and objectives. 2016, like many years in reflection, was a whirlwind of ups and downs, successes and challenges, learning and progress.

By stepping away from the office and our workflow for the holidays, we gained distance from the happenings of 2016. And at Emotive Brand, we believe this space and time away is critical to gaining the clarity we need to take 2017 by storm.

There is great impact and value in stepping back in order to see things with a fresh perspective. Everything comes into focus and we are able to view our business with increased clarity. And this renewed vision gives us the charge needed to look forward with fresh energy and revived focus.

Stuck in Reflection

Oftentimes, people bring too much of the last year into the new year. And although we believe it’s integral to thoughtfully reflect on 2016 – what worked and what didn’t, and how we can do better – it’s also integral to embrace the new year as just that. New. A fresh start. A different opportunity. A time for change. An opportunity to refresh, positively re-energize, open up to new perspectives and possibilities, and embrace what the future has to offer us.

Hitting Refresh

Stepping away and hitting refresh generates the focus needed to achieve goals in 2017. By asking yourself and your business: What’s most important? What do we care about this year and why? You can strip yourself of excess work and worries that aren’t bringing you closer to your greater aspirations as a brand or business. 

Remembering your purpose and brand promise is integral here. The start of 2017 is a time to remember why your business really matters, and who it really matters to. Return to your purpose, and review your strategy to make sure you are still aligned. What’s no longer relevant? What needs to change?

The new year is a chance to refocus your efforts and kick-start innovation. And in order to do so effectively, organization and prioritization are both key. As is setting specific goals – both personal and business-driven – that clearly map to larger aspirations, dreams, and visions for what this year could hold. Be open to new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives that may shift how you did things in 2016. Embrace different POVs, approaches, frames of reference in order to rev up creativity, innovation, and teamwork from the start of 2017.

This time of the year is also the time to reset expectations. Internally, get aligned on what is expected from your brand and business in 2017 and how this vision dictates what’s expected of each individual and their work in the coming months. For any client-facing business, managing expectations with clients or partners in the new year is also important. Remind people of the timeline and what it’s going to take to create maximum impact. Reinstating feedback loops or building new ones if necessary is also important.

Positivity Moving into 2017

In addition, a fresh start means letting go of any negativity. Embrace new challenges, and let the things that didn’t go your way in 2016 go. Use your renewed energy to channel positivity and change coming into the new year. Strive for balance. Start with an open mind. Embrace new perspectives. Hitting reset can help breathe new life into your business and brand – motivating you to move forward with a clear purpose, straightforward goals, and an inspired, positive mindset.

Keep posted for more insights, news, and thoughts from us in 2017.

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