Fast Forward: Our New Offering for High-Growth Companies

Agile Marketing

Developing Fast Forward, an agile marketing, branding, and business offering was the right thing for our team to develop for startups, to address the issues startups are facing right now.

We have created Fast Forward designed for our high-growth clients that need to make strategic shifts to quickly address product, industry, competitive, alignment, and other issues. Fast Forward is an agile workshop approach that very quickly develops a strategically aligned and nuanced understanding of your business and brand’s current situation. We bring the most important issues to light — business obstacles that your people and the Emotive Brand team must address head-on to maximize impact.

Agile marketing approach to address the need for speed

Fast Forward is a 3-week process built for impact and speed. Week one includes five days of on-site workshops; weeks two and three are devoted to creating deliverables specific to your immediate needs.

Condensing our process demands greater focus, attention, and teamwork. From day one, we embed our team into yours and get straight to work.

Fast Forward workshops begin by identifying and triaging the essential challenges and opportunities your business must address. It’s a very hands-on, collaborative approach. Your people are involved in a series of workshops that engage them in wrestling with your key issues. We don’t just facilitate these workshops; we concentrate our intellect, creativity, and experience on solving the issues together.

At the culmination of the on-site workshops, you emerge with an agreed upon set of high-impact strategic deliverables that addresses your most salient issues. These deliverables are tailored to your specific needs, and could include visual brand elements, company positioning, Go-To-Market strategies, target audience work, brand positioning, brand narrative, messaging etc.

By prioritizing deliverables unique to your business, challenges, and opportunities you face, we are able to amplify and accelerate the effectiveness of your investment and efforts and help you move forward with newfound purpose and energy.

Fast Forward is the fastest way for startups to move the needle of their business and brand forward

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our agile marketing solution — Fast Forward, or our work with high-growth companies. Check out how we helped Metal Toad accelerate their business quickly in our case study.

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