Meaningful Workplace: Master Plans Create Employee Alliance

Creating employee alliance

Seventh in a series.

A Meaningful Workplace is built from the company’s master plan – a strategic platform used exclusively by senior management – that defines the three core elements of ambition (purpose), feelings (values), and behavior (building a culture).

This master plan drives all subsequent activities, which include:

  • Macro Plans – how the business itself will be evolved;
  • Group Plans – how groups of employees will be engaged;
  • Solo Plans – how individual employees will be personally engaged.

Building something great and enduring

Macro Planning puts the business’s structure, policies, and procedures through the filter of the master plan to identify opportunities to better align the work experience to the agreed ambition, feelings, and behavior.

Group Planning develops tailored interactions between the company and groups of its employees (e.g. by location, discipline, seniority, etc.) that engage employees in the principles and practices of the master plan (note: not the master plan itself).

Solo Planning creates the means by which individuals come to personally identify with and internalize the principles and practices of the master plan (note: not the master plan itself).

When senior management has a Master Plan, they not only achieve their traditional objectives, but also something of great and enduring value: a new, higher-order and meaningful alliance with their employees.

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This series is excerpted from a white paper titled The Meaningful Workplace that was first published at Emotive Brand.

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