The Value of Mapping Business Strategy to Brand Strategy

business strategy and brand strategy

Business strategy and brand strategy should be closely linked

There’s a perception among many executives that business strategy is strategic, and brand strategy is a marketing tool – and not a strategic asset. As a result, businesses set ambitious goals, but don’t consider how investing in and developing a brand strategy could help get them there.

As a brand strategy agency, we rely heavily on our client’s full disclosure of their business strategy – their goals and objectives, pitch decks, revenue reports, exit strategy – to build a meaningful, emotive brand that will transform their business, drive revenue, enable them to hire top talent, and power the company’s future success. But, in order for a company to measure success and see the value of the brand strategy, the business and brand strategy need to be aligned. By mapping the two together, we can create a strong, impactful brand that is geared towards specific growth goals and worthy of investment.

Mapping ensures that business can grow in any strategic direction

In any business situation, the brand strategy needs to reflect both the short-term and long-term goals of the business. A brand that aligns with the business plan ensures these goals become reality. Consider these three situations:

Startups need top talent to build and sell their products.

Most startups have aggressive hiring ambitions to meet their revenue goals. And in today’s world, because startups are all competing for the same talent – data scientists, engineers, and top sales people – they need to rely on a strong brand to effectively articulate why they matter. Investing in your company’s brand strategy will help recruit the right employees who are aligned to your brand and business aspirations. When recruits and employees connect to your brand’s purpose in more meaningful ways, the business will stand out from your competition and employees will drive business because they will be more dedicated, loyal, and committed to your success.

High-growth companies that are looking to scale at a rapid pace need a brand strategy to stand out in crowded markets.

Your brand strategy is an opportunity to better connect your product and/or services to the people that matter most to your brand, and involving your sales and marketing teams in the process is a smart way to help map your business and brand strategy together. By examining business priorities, we can develop a go-to-market strategy that will drive revenue, better support your sales and marketing teams, and boost loyalty with your customers and partners.

Established enterprise companies often need a brand refresh to meaningfully reconnect to internal and external stakeholders.

In competitive markets, business strategies have to shift and change over time to help sustain growth, maintain market share, and combat new competition. These shifts in business strategy can be hard for an established company to take on – both internally and externally. Whether you are preparing for an IPO, involved in M&A activity, or trying to stay relevant in a changing market, investing in a brand strategy refresh can help articulate these shifts. Presenting a cohesive brand, corporate narrative, and updated look that communicates who you are, why you matter, and what you stand for is necessary to shift your business and reconnect the brand to all your key stakeholders

Mindful leaders connect business and brand strategy, and reap the benefits.

Regardless of what stage the business is in, a brand strategy is the best tool to hone in on the impact your brand can make. Aligning the brand strategy to your business goals makes your brand more impactful and emotionally meaningful. It is the best way to create a road map that is tailored toward your brand’s growth. Those leaders who understand the value of a strong and clear brand strategy are better situated to lead their business. Use brand strategy to connect and matter to the people who are most important to your brand’s success.

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