Build a Stronger Business by Embracing Your Brand’s Hidden Truths

brand truths

Behind every brand there stands a set of as-yet realized or evergreen truths. These truths have the power to change the way you, and everyone vital to your brand’s success, think, feel, and act with respect to your brand.

These truths emerge when the many things your brand does are seen in light of their meaningful outcomes. This means analyzing the actions, attitudes, and behavior of the organization. It also means assessing the organization’s policies and procedures. In each case, the search is for the positive and meaningful outcomes that result.

Not only true, but meaningful

By meaningful, we mean how the outcomes have a positive impact on people, society, and the environment. These are outcomes that resonate deeply with people. Once people are aware of the meaningful outcomes a brand creates, they have greater respect for, and affinity toward, the brand.

As customers, they are more likely to use the brand, talk about it with others, and remain loyal longer. As employees, they are more likely to be engaged, align better to the organization’s goals, and feel more gratified by their work.

Why aren’t these truths evident now?

The fact is, business is a largely rational affair, and meaningful outcomes based on truths tend to operate in the less familiar and comfortable zone of intangible emotions and feelings. As such, their value isn’t so much in what they say, as how they make people feel.

Sadly, most leaders don’t venture far into this domain. But, when leaders do so by retaining outside help to identify the truths about their brand, they are invariably impressed by what comes to the surface, and proud of the meaningful outcomes that flow from their businesses. It then doesn’t take long for them to realize the power and value these outcomes represent.

Where will your brand’s truths take your organization?

That depends on you. If you’re a progressive and forward-thinking leader, you will readily seize the possibilities of competing on a meaningful level. You’ll see how being a champion of your brand’s meaningful truths will make you a more admired and trusted leader. You will recognize that by bringing these truths to the surface in sincere ways, your customers and prospects will start to see your brand in new and deeper ways. Your brand strategy will shift to reflect the emotional connection you are forging with your entire network.

However, if you leave your brand’s meaningful truths lying dormant under facts and figures, your competitive power will diminish, your followers will hardly be inspired, and your customers will likely gravitate toward those brands that do reach out on a more meaningful level.

Choose the truth. Focus on meaningful outcomes. Matter more to people. Get them on your side. Win by being meaningful.

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