Brand Strategy: How To Escape Commodity-Ville Through Emotions & Meaning

We spotted a report that highlighted the fact that cars today – across the board – are more dependable than ever before.

To quote David Sargent, spokesman of J.D. Power and Associates, “There are no really bad vehicles anymore.”

This hasn’t always been the case.

Ask anyone over 40 and they’ll probably know this definition of “Ford”: Fix Or Repair Daily.

But, as with so many things, it’s getting easier and easier for competitors to level the playing field.

Standing out today is harder than ever.

Welcome to Commodity-Ville, next stop oblivion.

This is why we encourage our clients to find ways to differentiate through emotions and meaning.

All things being otherwise equal (to a great extent, anyway), the brand that makes people feel something unique and special will win the race.

But don’t assume a slick and “emotional” advertising campaign will do the trick.

Meaning isn’t a superficial notion, it needs to run deep.

It is created when brands engage around the beliefs, values, interests and aspirations of the people important to their success, inside and outside the brand.

It is created when people experience a constant stream of sentiments, gestures and behaviors from honest brands intent on establishing a deeper association.

It is created when people “receive” these unexpected gifts, take them deep within themselves and feel those gifts of meaning resonate in their hearts and minds.

Don’t let your brand be further marginalized.

Put emotions and meaning in your brand’s gas tank, put the pedal to the metal and take the high road out of Commodity-Ville.

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