Why We Believe in “Business Unusual”

Business as usual. Or business Unusual? Hugh McLeod gives us reasons to discuss. Image by Hugh MacLeod.

Left to its own devices, a business becomes increasingly inward focused, process driven and obsessed with metrics.

In the meantime, that business becomes less personally relevant and emotionally important to people who are vital to its success.

To add to the problem, all this happens in a highly dynamic, fast advancing and quick changing environment.

Which is why we agree with Hugh MacLeod: “business as usual is an oxymoron”.

We urge our clients to look outward and into the future.

We show them how they can matter more to people.

We give them tools that help them change the way their brand reaches out to people.

The result is that people respond back to their brand in exciting new ways.

Emotive branding is not “business as usual”.

It is business that matters.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco branding agency.



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