When Leadership Aligns, Good Things Happen


Alignment of thought, meaning, and purpose among a leadership team is the new secret sauce of successful businesses.

When your executive leadership team agree that, “we’re aligned around a true purpose, are living it in this way, and, are clear we want to do this because it truly matters,” the effect ripples through your organization.As leadership aligns in a more purposeful way, their direct reports have more direction, feel better about helping get the business where it needs to be, and believe their work truly matters.

In turn, they help direct the rest of the company so that everyone acts and behaves in ways that push the company closer and closer to attaining its vision.

Soon, other people vital to the company’s success (e.g. customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, investors, etc.) start to see and feel how the business is changing for the better. They begin to find that dealing with the company, and its people, is easier and more gratifying.

It all starts with people on your leadership team. As their leader, you have the opportunity to increase your company’s fortunes by aligning them around a thought, spirit, and purpose that will truly inspire, motivate, and empower them.

Emotive Brand is in the business of helping companies see their vision and what it takes to make it truly actionable – and in new ways through the power of emotive branding.

We help business leaders create brand strategies, messages, and engagement techniques that transform how every member of their leadership team works together, leads others, and brings more enthusiasm and shared purpose to their work.

As a result, everyone in your company can do their jobs more aligned to the same purposeful strategy. The results of leadership alignment around thought, spirit, and purpose can change the trajectory of the business, its culture, and personal well being of employees.

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Emotive Brand is a San Francisco brand strategy firm.

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