“What Matters Now” – A Wake Up Call For Business Leaders

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While we anxiously await delivery of our copies of Professor Gary Hamel’s latest tome, “What Matters Now“, we wanted to share some of the main thoughts being promoted.Clearly, the business world is in a state of flux.

Hamel’s book promises to present an agenda for leaders everywhere who are eager to. . .

  • reverse the tide of commoditization
  • defeat bureaucracy
  • astonish their customers
  • foster extraordinary contribution
  • outrun change
  • build a company that’s truly fit for the future

In this context, Hamel identifies five issues that are paramount:

  • values
  • innovation
  • adaptability
  • passion
  • ideology

We would suggest that there’s a “mega” issue in many companies that can stymie their efforts to make the changes and improvements they need to be “truly fit for the future”.No values will be acted upon, no innovation will occur, their organization will remain rigid, their people will not show passion, and they won’t live to a unifying ideology UNTIL a company rethinks the nature of the relationships it has with the people vital to its success.

Change WILL happen when people fully understand the “why” of the company, expressed in terms that register with their beliefs and with an intention that stirs their emotions.

The process of emotive branding aims to change the playing field so that everyone associated with the company is a more willing and committed participant – because they see and appreciate that the outcome of what they do matters to them personally, to the company they support, and to the world in which they live.

“What Matters Now” will help business leaders take the steps needed to survive and thrive.

Emotive branding will help them make the people important to their success willing partners in their quest.


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