Trends – Presenting Issues

“We need help with our brand.”

This statement is almost never at the top of the list of burning issues CEOs bring to the table at the beginning of an engagement with us.

“We are experiencing a drop in sales” – yes.
“It’s hard to find and keep top talent” – yes.
“Our workforce is not fully engaged;”
“Wall Street is jittery;”
“We have alignment issues among leadership and with the board” – yes.

In the last 24 months we are hearing about the same set of business challenges standing in the way of success for companies large and small and across different industries. We look beyond these presenting problems to understand what lies at the heart of the issue. In a time when people are becoming more thoughtful and caring about that they do, what they buy, who they buy from and where they work, we look to see what each business is doing to matter more to people. While we can’t improve your product or fix your supply chain, we can help find your brands meaning and bring it to life in a way that changes how people feel about it and act toward it. It turns out that helping to make the “brand” more meaningful to people will start to make a positive impact on some of the more obvious challenges the business faces.

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