TOMS Shoes: When Being Meaningful Becomes the Business You Are In

TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes has built a strong business and huge following based on its altruistic approach to selling shoes: buy a pair from TOMS and TOMS gives a second pair to someone who really needs them.

Now they’re taking this “one-for-one” philosophy used to build the image of the company and turning it into their business model.

To us, this is far more than a “rebranding” exercise, it’s the transformation of TOMS into a business inspired by a noble ambition.

It is emblematic of the next generation of business in which enterprises take on broad social responsibilities and engage all the people vital to their business success in a meaningful endeavor.

TOMS is not simply making ads about its good deeds.

It is actively engaging people to help achieve a noble ambition.

They are helping people be altruistic in a credible, authentic and meaningful way.

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