Time to Reconnect Your B2B Brand to Your Bottom Line

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Is your B2B brand disconnected from your daily operations?

  • Do your senior executives consider your brand as they make decisions, sell to clients, hire staff?
  • Are your employees able to draw from your brand the inspiration and motivation they need to be effective and gratified in their work?
  • Do your partners know enough about what your brand is trying to achieve to offer the best possible assistance?
  • Are your investors believing that your brand is building value for them?
  • Do your customers resonate with your brand in ways that distance you from your competition?

If your brand is simply a logo and two word slogan, good luck.

If your brand is a document buried deep inside your system, good luck.

If your brand is someone else’s responsibility, good luck.

If your brand is weak, misunderstood and unappreciated, good luck.

On the other hand, if your brand starts to reach out and connect to people in meaningfully ways, if your brand’s behavior begins to make people feel that you are a special and valued partner, and if everyone in your firm starts to embrace and be led by your brand’s meaning…

  • Your senior executive will make smarter, more profitable decisions
  • Your employees will work more eagerly and with greater satisfaction
  • Your partners will go out of their ways to help you
  • Your investors will sleep at night
  • Your customers will be loyal advocates of your brand

Meaning for your B2B brand flows from having a clear, concise and compelling “why” that works to make your brand personally relevant to people.

When coupled with a behavior that makes people feel special every time they interact with your brand, this meaning becomes emotionally important to them.

These two factors change the way people think and act with respect to your brand – and this new behavior connects directly to your bottom line.

This is the role of emotive branding.

It takes tired, neglected B2B brands and makes them bottom-line contributors.

Emotive Brand is a B2B branding agency.

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