The Talent Challenge

talent challenge

The talent challenge for CEO’s is real. According to a recent study by PWC, CEOS are hot on the issue of talent management with more and more seeing it as a tool to deliver real competitive advantage.

Consider the drivers:

  • 66% of CEOs fear talent shortages will strangle their company’s growth.
  • Developed-market talent pools are ageing.
  • Millennial generation of workers is bringing strikingly different expectations.
  • Growth is now being driven by far-flung emerging markets, where top talent can often name its own price.

No wonder 83% of CEOs asked told PWC they intend to make “some” or a “major” change.

A big issue is the preparedness of HR departments to “stay ahead of the curve” and be a true strategic partner at this time of “profound and irreversible change”.

There are many factors that will determine the success of a business when it comes to engaging their employees and recruiting the best people.

Treating the problem through numerous, uncoordinated and adhoc efforts isn’t the answer.

To be a true strategic partner, HR should deliver up to the CEO a vision for talent management and acquisition that will transform how the business reaches out to the people vital to the company’s success.

That’s the role of the emotive branding process.

It delivers the strategy needed to engage employees and attract recruits along both rational and emotional dimensions.

It presents a platform for more meaningful connections and relationships. It transforms the internalized business speak of mission, vision and values into emotive language that inspires, motivates and activates people on a human level.

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