This is a Time of Positive, Constructive and Gratifying Change…

the age of meaning

We published a white paper on The Age of Meaning, in which we review the many implications this new era holds for business leaders.

Here we’d like to explore our claim that, “This is a time of positive, constructive and gratifying change…”.

Positive change

Why do we see this as a time of “positive” change? Because the thrust of this change is well-intentioned and seeks nothing less than to make this world a better place. Customers and employees seek out businesses that care about, and act responsibly about, environmental, social and workplace issues. Employees prefer working for companies that not only state good intentions, but also encourage and support worthy actions both within and outside the company.

Constructive change

Why is it leading to “constructive” change? Because when people align around a common purpose – bigger than generating profits by selling stuff, and bigger than themselves – amazing things can happen. Energy is focused, innovation rockets and the wheels of industry turn faster and more smoothly.

Gratifying change

Why is this a “gratifying” change”? Because it aims to create a new, more human and more rewarding “give and take” between businesses and the people they depend upon, inside and outside. People will feel better as a result of buying from, working for, investing in, or otherwise helping your business along. It will make profound sense for them to do so, and they will attach a powerful emotional importance to your business.

The age of meaning is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to create new dialogues with people. It shows companies the importance of making people feel something special whenever they come in contact with their business. And it introduces a set of welcome changes that will make their business stronger today, and better fit for the future.

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