Rebrand? A Perfect Time to Adopt a “Purpose Beyond Profit”


A rebrand is a great opportunity to scratch below the surface to discover how your business can truly matter to people. Seize this chance to do more than simply apply a new layer of paint over your business.

There are numerous reasons why companies choose to rebrand.

It might be due to a merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

It may be because of tired sales, a less-than-desirable image, or heated up competition.

It might be a change in guard at the CEO level.

Whatever the reason your business needs an update, the rebrand process offers a unique opportunity to go beyond a new name, logo, and color scheme.

That is because, as the changes that have prompted your decision to rebrand occurred, another set of changes have been taking hold.

The people vital to your brand’s success, from customers to employees to partners to investors, have all been personally experiencing the dawn of The Age of Meaning.

As a result, these people are far more discerning about what they buy, whom the buy from, and the companies for which they work.

In their efforts to create new meaning in their lives, they are seeking out businesses, products, services, and brands that have a purpose beyond profit.

That is, a higher ambition than simply raking in cash.

Businesses wanting to thrive in the age of meaning articulate a compelling goal centered on enriching lives, improving society, and/or being environmentally sound.

They make their organizations revolve around this idea so that everyone who deals with the business feels its emotionally meaningful power.

As a result, they earn the respect and admiration of people, which turns into positive new behaviors.

People who identify with a business’s purpose beyond profit think, care, feel, and do more for that business.

Don’t simply slap on a new coat of paint.

Build a new foundation that will make your brand strategy stronger today, and better fit for the future.

Curious? Read our papers on The Age of Meaning, The Meaning Gap and The Meaningful Workplace.

They will help you see what you need to do to make your business one that truly matters.

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