In a World of Chaos, a Meaningful Culture Rules

meaningful culture

Why do you need a meaningful culture for your organization?

Your brand operates in a messy world.

One that’s well beyond its control.

Buffeted by random, surprising, and disturbing trends, incidents, and influences.

Inspired by sudden, amazing, and lucrative opportunities.

Distracted, confused, and tired out by the hyperactivity that surrounds it.

Empowered by the need, desire, and passion that activity creates.

When you use your brand to cultivate a meaningful culture within your organization, you create new energy, strength, and agility.

You unify your people around bold ideas, worthwhile pursuits, and engaging ways of being.

You encourage them to treat each other, and those outside the brand, in more empathetic and sensitive ways.

You help each individual create new meaning in their lives by being part of something that is significant, important, and worthwhile.

Meaningful brands endure the chaos – indeed, thrive within it – by reaching out in ways that truly matter to their employees.

Which is why we encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • How well is your brand holding up in our chaotic, messy, and fast-changing world?
  • How meaningful is your organization’s culture to your employees?
  • Do your employees understand why your brand matters?
  • What hidden potential lies within your brand that can be converted into meaning and form the basis for a more meaningful culture in your organization?

Looking for more information on how to be a more meaningful brand with a more meaningful culture?  You may enjoy our Meaningful Workplace series which can be downloaded here.

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