Meaning Has a Direct Impact on Business

If your business isn’t doing as well as you think it could – and should – then it’s time to consider the reasons why.

Why aren’t people doing all the things you need them to do?

Why are they resisting your attempts to change the way they think and act?

What are people looking for that you aren’t supplying?

There’s a sea of change in the way people feel about the decisions they make.

They no longer simply act out of greed, capriciousness, and the need for thrills.

They pause.

They reflect.

They consider.

They ask themselves:

“What is the impact of what I buy?”

“Why am I doing this job?”

“Why does any of this matter?”

This search for meaning has a direct impact on business.

It demands that businesses change the way they think of themselves, that they rethink the give and take between themselves and the people vital to their success, and that they behave in new, more meaningful ways.

Businesses can’t just throw money at advertising and expect to be meaningful.

They need to go deeper into what they make and how they make it. They need to examine what it’s really like to work within their business, and why what they do matters to their employees. They need to reach out to customers and prospects on a new, more meaningful level.

All this starts with a new idea.

A Purpose Beyond Profit.

Learn more about changing attitudes and behaviors of customers and employees in our papers, The Age of Meaningand “The Meaning Gap“. Read how your business can address these changes through a “Purpose Beyond Profit” and a “Meaningful Workplace“. Finally, look deep inside and ask yourself “Is “business as usual” really your best way forward?”

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