If Your Employees Took A Vote, Would They Re-Elect Your CEO?

I recently came across an article about a company so deep into democratic values that employees actually elect the CEO. The adoption of democratic principles in business is a growing phenomenon.

But my question isn’t whether your business is run as a democracy.

My question is, would you win re-election if it were?

Have you earned the respect and admiration of your employees by not only what you say, but what you do?

Have you provided them with a workplace that matters to them (and to the success of the enterprise)?

Have you created a culture of respect, based on empathy, that makes people happy to come in to work each day?

Have you lead with a vision that you’ve shared with everyone in the enterprise, in a way that allows each person to see why that vision matters, and what they can do to turn it into a reality?

Indeed, once you act upon these key points, you might consider moving toward a more democratic workplace.

And then, confidently call an election.

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