How Strongly Do People Want Your Brand to Be Meaningful?

Based on our conversations with brand-owners (including our own clients), brands need to work harder than ever.

There are many reasons for this.

  • Brands want to get their employees aligned to a new vision, but their employees are unengaged.
  • Brands want to attract new customers, but can’t find ways to break through the clutter.
  • Brands want to hire good people, but don’t seem to attract people with passion.

This list (which goes on and on) speaks to the gap between a brand’s rational business needs and the emotional human desires of people.

When brands are self-absorbed, stuck in their own language and behaving in corporate ways, the meaning gap gets wider every day.

But when brands acknowledge this gap, and then change how they reach out to people, people respond in kind by helping the brand succeed.

“Wait”, you say. “Why would that happen?”

Because, as we believe, people are actively seeking meaning in their lives.

One should not underestimate the desire of people to establish meaningful connections with the world around them.

  • They have been rocked by uncertain economic conditions.
  • They have become more aware of the fragility of the environment.
  • They have realized that they don’t want to be seen as responsible for social injustice.
  • They have become more discerning about what they buy, whom they buy from and for whom they work.

They look out into their worlds, and in amongst the cluttter, is your brand.

What do people feel when they encounter your brand? How does your brand’s intents, attitudes and behaviors help people find new meaning in their lives?

Bridging the meaning gap is job one for any brand looking for a stronger presence today and to be better fit for the future.

After all, people are seeeking meaning.

But is your brand reaching out in ways that matter to them?

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