How Leading Companies are Winning Through Meaningful Brand Strategies: The Research Firm’s Perspective

Millward Brown, is a market research firm with offices in 56 countries. Their Stengel Study of Business Growth reaches out to consumers and employees to assess the impact of businesses and brands. Here is a summary of their findings:

“The Stengel Study of Business Growth ultimately identified 50 brands with extraordinary growth over the 2000s relative to their competition. These Top 50 brands across all categories have created more meaningful relationships with people. They have far outpaced their competition in brand value, and they have contributed to faster and greater business value growth.”

“In pure financial terms, the Stengel 50 as a whole grew three times faster over the 2000s than their competitors and the overall universe of brands Millward Brown Optimer analyzed. Individually, some of the fastest-growing of the Stengel 50, such as Apple, Google, and Pampers, grew on annual compounded average as much as 10 times faster than their competition from 2001 to 2011.”1

We are keenly aware of how personal values are shifting in ways that can have a clear impact on business. People are becoming more discerning, demanding, and judgmental. There’s no more hiding behind curtains and “smoke and mirror” business practices. Openness, clarity, and transparency are the ways of meaningful brands. By providing your organization with a higher-order purpose and a new way of behavior, we help you business and brand see not only a better way forward, but also why your customers should want to be a part of it.

This is only a partial view of our white paper, How Leading Companies are Winning Through Meaningful Brand Strategies. For the entire paper: How Leading Companies are Winning Through Meaningful Brand Strategies.


Millward Brown

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