For Employees, Employee Engagement Starts With The Letter “C”

If one thing marks the companies with highly engaged employees, it is that the top people of the company – the “C-suite” – are in sync with the idea that “people matter”.

Working together, these leaders put forth ideas, hopes and aspirations which their employees, in turn, use to fuel their personal desire to create more meaning in their lives.

The leadership “walks the talk” by acting and speaking in ways that demonstrate their intent, their positive attitudes and their shared purpose.

What sets these engaged workplaces apart is that the C-suite has explored the way they do business and defined those aspects which truly matter to the employees, to the company, to the community and to the planet.

By engaging their employees on the level of what matters to them – that is, what they find personally relevant and emotionally important – these leaders form an emotionally meaningful connection with their employees.

We help companies look deep inside themselves to find the meaning hidden within.

We craft initiatives that bring that meaning to the forefront for both the C-suite and the employees.

We weave emotions with logic in a way that transforms the give-and-take between employers and employees.

Whether you sell to consumers or to hard-nosed business decision makers, it would be wise to follow the example of those leading the way in employee engagement.

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