Every Brand Should Have A “Director Of Something Special”

Random acts of kindness and generosity are a great way to acknowledge valuable customers and employees – and to create a meaningful buzz about your brand.

Why not appoint someone in your company as the “Director of Something Special” and define their role as: “To create random moments of unexpected happiness for the staff and customers of our company”?

Determine an appropriate budget, keeping in mind that the real value of the exercise will be in the gesture as much as the gift itself.

Then let your “Director of Something Special” find people that deserve a special “thank you” from your company. Determine the criteria for the selection, keeping in mind that the real value of creating this sort of happiness will be in how well it resonates throughout your organization and social media.

Don’t advertise this gesture of kindness. Rather simply let the word-of-mouth it generates send the signal that your company (brand) cares about people in a special ways.

As ever, it’s not the only thing you need to do to become truly meaningful people. But a series of gestures like these, coupled with tangible evidence that your brand springs from a real sense of purpose, will readily distance your brand from the fray, and build loyal customers and employees along the way.

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