Fast Forward Your Narrative: COVID was a catalyst for change. Is your corporate narrative still relevant?

COVID was a catalyst for change. Is your corporate narrative still relevant?

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, companies were scrambling to respond to the moment. But as recognition sets in that these changes are here to stay, we must respond to a new movement: one that moves fast, with feeling, for the future.

The landscape of brand, business, and culture has been undeniably transformed. So, we must figure out how to communicate in ways that were empathetic and relevant, contextually aware, human, and sensitive. Given our new normal—a constant state of change—today’s leaders, brand stewards, and their teams must be extremely focused, maintain leadership amidst uncertainty, and have the ability to rapidly and dynamically re-evaluate what their company stands for, how it communicates, and why it’s vital to the world.

Making sure your Corporate Narrative resonates with customers, partners, and employees requires an agile strategy and clear communications that reflect your company in a way that is authentic and appropriate for this moment. There is no better time to lean into your brand, ensuring that it connects to both hearts and minds, knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

We have developed a new program to meet these challenges that we’re calling Fast Forward. It efficiently develops one specifically-targeted Corporate Narrative to ensure you are on-brand in how you communicate with employees, customers, your wider partner ecosystem, boards, and investors.

  • The CEO Narrative enables CEOs to communicate a leadership vision appropriate for a moment that reaches all audiences.
  • The CMO Narrative is customized to enable CMOs and their marketing teams to communicate with external audiences, such as customers, partners, and boards.
  • The CHRO Narrative is designed to give CHROs and their teams the messages they need to speak with employees during this time.
  • The CRO Narrative is focused on sales with customers, prospects, and partners.

On this page, you’ll find our recommended approach to quickly assess and adjust your Corporate Narrative to ensure your company is in the best position for what is undoubtedly a new era for business.  

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