Connecting the Dots Between Brand Strategy and Brand Moments

In one of our white papers, “Brand Behavior Drives Results“, I write about how emotive branding extends from high-level aspiration (that is needed for differentiation and appeal) to down-in-the-trenches action (that is needed to generate ideas, product,s and profits).

Rather than being precious about the strategy element of our offering, we seek true brand transformation by delving deep into the interactions between your brand and the people vital to its success.

We dig in, get our hands dirty, and invest considerable time in deconstructing the many ways in which your brand and people interact. We look at all the “moments of truth” between your brand and your prospects and customers; and detail how each can convey more meaning and evoke stronger emotions. We take apart the working pieces of your internal organization, examining processes, policies, and procedures for opportunities to refine, reconfigure, and repurpose them in more meaningful ways.

Through “transformative brand activation”, we show you ways to inject meaning and emotion into all your brand moments in ways that amplify their ability to change behavior.

And changing behavior is what emotive branding is all about.

It is about creating value and profits by getting people, both inside and outside your brand organization, to change the way they think, feel, and act toward your brand.

It is about connecting the dots between what your business wants, and what people need.

It is about taking branding to where it needs to be; beyond a document for senior executives to agree upon, to a purposeful way of being, an empathetic mode of practice, and a meaningful form of behavior that makes your business thrive.

Photo by Marshall Astor

Read the full paper here.

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