Bridging the Meaning Gap

the meaning gap

A great post by Tom Fishburne talks about the risks of going too far in your efforts to matter to people.

He cites the example of the “Dove Campaign For Real Beauty”, a notable example of a meaningful brand presence, which started as a concept many steps up the brand ladder. When those “too grandiose” ideas were shot down by real people (formerly known as consumers), the focus turned to building meaning from the product up.

The lesson: in your pursuit to bridge the meaning gap, and to create more meaning around your business, product, service or brand (a smart thing to do), reaching too far can create a new gap (not a smart idea).

Going too far from what you do lacks credibility and prompts negative reactions.

We take great care when crafting a “purpose beyond profit” for our clients.

We take a realistic view of the world today, acknowledging that people are seeking more meaning in their lives, but being highly sensitive to keeping that purpose within the realm of credibility.

We speak about finding the “hidden meaning” that is resident in what you already do (through your products or services) and how you do what you do (through the values, ideals and aspirations at play).

From these “real world” factors we build brand strategy based on your purpose beyond profit – a statement that inspires, motivates and activates our client’s organizations.

It’s risky to go too far from what you can credibly promise the world.

But it’s even more risky not to promise anything more than just, “we sell stuff”.

Make your business matter. And thrive.

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