“A Purpose Is A Direction That Reconciles Individual Ambitions And Collective Aspirations.” @gpetriglieri

So tweeted the amazingly insightful Gianpiero Petriglieri of INSEAD.

Consider, therefore, how a well-crafted, emotionally meaningful purpose “hits two birds with one stone”.

  1. It takes into account what “I” want, need, aspire to – as a customer or employee.
  2. At the same time , it embraces the collective impact on “WE” – the company, the employees, the society, the planet.

Properly implemented, such a purpose serves as a magnet for a brand. It achieves this status when management makes the purpose both personally relevant and emotionally important to all brand constituents. People see what they have to do to gain both the personal and collective benefits. They see the reason for pursuing such a noble goal.
They tap into the internal energy that’s waiting to do purposeful and meaningful things.

“A purpose is a direction” – this is a good reminder that a purpose isn’t a summation of what already is, but rather a vision of about what could be. It is a ambition, a goal and something to strive for.

Brands that are purpose-driven help create a better world.

Better for me.

Better for you.

Better for everyone.

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