7 Reasons Why it’s Probably Time to Transform Your Business

What’s the matter?

We met with some prospective customers over dinner the other day, and started the discussion with our favorite leading question, “So, what’s the matter?”.

The floodgates opened.

As we listened to the issues tumble out – and sensed the pain, anxiety and frustration they provoke in the company’s leadership – we thought about how so many businesses today face the same basic challenges.

For example, how many of these challenges which our prospects are now facing, are inhibiting growth, innovation and motivation at your business?

  1. Your business is doing “OK” financially (just like everyone else in your industry).
  2. Your top people are jumping ship (which is really rocking the boat).
  3. You are constantly trying to attract better, more talented people (but that doesn’t always work out).
  4. You are unable to increase your margins (people just won’t pay any more for what you – like everyone else – is offering).
  5. You want to grow by expanding into new markets (but you’ll face the same issues wherever you go).
  6. You find your reputation doesn’t sync with your current offering (so customers and prospects don’t think of you for jobs you can readily do).
  7. You are not sure what makes your business special, or why people should care about what you do (right now you only talk in generic industry business speak).

Whatever is causing you pain as a business leader, the best remedy is to start by addressing the last point in our list.

Business transformation based on meaning is a brand strategy for success.

The first task is to define a compelling Purpose Beyond Profit that defines why your business is special (and how it can become increasingly valued as unique and differentiated) and gives people very good reasons to not only care about your company, buy to also do what it takes to help you succeed.

Armed with a clear Purpose Beyond Profit – which unites people around an idea that matters – your company’s people, policies, procedures and products transform, evolve and repurpose themselves to become more meaningful in a highly focused and differentiating way.

Once your Purpose Beyond Profit is in place (and made relevant to everyone within the organization), customers start to see greater value in what you do, and the uniqueness and appeal of they way you do what you do. Prospects at home, and in new markets, suddenly wake up to your powerful new marketplace presence as it lifts you above the hum-drum competitive set. Employees spend their days feeling that their work truly matters, and their energy attracts the new, talented people your business needs to grow. Laden with new meaning – and delivered by people who love what they do – your offering becomes inherently more valuable, allowing you to improve your margins.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco branding agency.

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