Why The Greatest Impact Of Emotive Branding Happens At the Lowest Point

As we have written before, it is inspiring to us when our clients show their surprise and delight as they first view the results of our emotive branding exploration of their brand.

Suddenly they see how dwelling somewhere below the “why” of what they do now seems a bit shallow and obvious – and too much like what the other players are doing.

They see how their presence can be altered, enhanced and made more meaningful to more people.

Quite naturally, they start by thinking of all the tangible manifestations of their brand which they can either fine-tune, change all together or simply get rid of – given how they understand their place in the world of their “why”.

And while we clearly share these exciting visions, we know that the real impact of what we do won’t be felt because of what happens on the surface of the organization.

Changes to the brand’s advertising, packaging, retailing, public relations, web or social media activities will certainly have an effect.

But, the “big bang” will only be felt when the people behind the brand start living and breathing the brand’s “why”, when they start making people feel the special emotions that support the brand’s “why” and when they change their attitudes and behavior to reflect the meaningful intent of the brand.

Then, in small gestures between people, the impact of emotive branding is truly realized.

It is at these precious moments that the brand’s “why” becomes personally relevant to an individual.

And it also at these moments when the feelings associated with that “why” make the brand more emotionally important to the individual.

Over time, through the meaningful gestures between your employees and with your customers, your brand becomes truly meaningful.

And all the changes you make to your communications suddenly make more sense and reinforce the enduringly meaningful connection you strive to create.

Finally, people change the way they think, feel and act with respect to your brand. 

Employees become more engaged, focused and motivated. Customers become more loyal, supportive and profitable. Your brand stands out in the field. 

Why + Emotions = Meaning.


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