Where Do True Loyalties Lie?

Cartoon by Tom Fishbourne

There once was a time when true loyalty meant a card in the wallet.

But then there was a proliferation of cards in the wallet. 

And along with that, a dissolution of the power of “rewards” through pieces of plastic.

Smart brands see beyond the lure of rewards-based loyalty.

They seek to win the respect, earn the preference, and keep the custom of people by moving to a more meaningful position in their lives.

They have a way of being that attracts people on a human level.

They connect to the higher ideals and aspirations of people. 

The way in which they reach out to people, causes people to respond in heartfelt ways.

This is loyalty earned not through giving out points, but by having a point.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Loyalty programs seem phoney… I’m fiercely loyal to #brands with quality products & good service.

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