Truly Meaningful Brands Are Born From The Inside Out

“Nowadays we want so much more from brands than just promises or stories. Brands that manage to create better relationships dominate the marketplace”. Hernán Sánchez Neira, CEO Havas Media Intelligence.

Havas recently released their meaningful brand index, and note that the 50,000 people they surveyed globally find that less than 20% of the brands they use have a positive impact on their lives.  

Furthermore, 70% of brands would not be missed, should they suddenly disappear.

According to Havas, people are fundamentally changing the way they interact with brands. 

As people cope with uncertain economic developments, accelerating technological development and social change, they find themselves seeking more meaning in what the buy.

Going beyond simply being satisfied by a brand’s “Function Outputs”, people are increasingly comparing brands based on the “Personal Outcomes” (e.g. does it make me healthier?, save me money?, teach me something?) and “Collective Outcomes” (e.g. does it make the world a cleaner, more sustainable and more responsible place?)

We agree with Havas – people are looking for more – but we think truly meaningful brands go beyond a focus on the consumer.

They also consider how they can go beyond their “Functional Outputs” as they deal with their employees and all the people who make up their supply and distribution chains. 

They think about how to create more meaningful “Personal Outcomes” for their employees and partners through a new understanding of the brand’s meaningful intent, its people-centric attitude and its caring and helpful behavior.

They make their present “Collective Outcomes” as relevant to employees and partners as they do to consumers and industry observers.

They establish, build and propogate a meaningful culture from the inside out.

As such, we believe when a brand manages to create better relationships with everyone vital to the brand’s success, it has a far better chance of dominating the marketplace. 

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