The Naked Brand: Coming To A Screen Close To Your Customers And Employees

One day soon, people both inside and outside your company, are going to sit down and watch this film.

For some people, it will simply reaffirm what they already know and feel.

For others, it will spark an awareness that there’s more to brands than one tends to think:

  • It will alter their perception of themselves and the brands in their lives.
  • It will change their expectations about the brands they use today, and choose to use tomorrow.
  • It will make them think twice about how they spend their money and where they earn their wages.
  • It will make them decide they are either dealing with a respectable, admirable, purpose driven, life-enhancing company – or they’re not.

For brand owners, The Naked Brand will be a wake up call.

This film will serve up a reminder that, as Tony Hsei, founder of Zappos, says in the trailer, “brands will become more transparent… whether they like it or not.”

You may think this is an issue “for other brands” – for example, the high-flying, consumer brands that attract scrutiny.

But that’s not strictly true.

As the zeitgeist evolves toward a desire for more emotionally meaningful relationships in everything people do, all brands will be affected.

Every employer, every manufacturer, every service provider, every wholesaler, every retailer and every institution will need to unearth the meaning of the what, how and why they do what they do now – and plan to do going forward.

They will then have to change how they reach out to people, so that the good that they do (and commit to doing now and in the future) finds a natural fit within their business offering.

Only then will they survive the scrutiny of people seeking to create emotional meaning through their purchases and their work.

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